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Imagine that feeling every rider hopes to achieve with their horse - when your bodies move together as one, and you are truly working together as partners. When the body is misaligned, that deep level of connection can be difficult to achieve. 

How does it work? 
The nervous system controls everything in the body. When there are misalignments in the body, it can interfere with that communication, almost like static on a phone line. This poor communication allows things in the body to get out of balance, whether it's poor biomechanics, slower response time, improper hormone function and even decreased digestion function. It all is connected to the nervous system function. Chiropractic uses a natural approach to healing the body by removing these interferences to allow the body to heal and function. 

Whether your goal is to remedy a specific issue in the body, improve performance and biomechanics or increase longevity, Harmony Animal Chiropractic has you covered. 

Improved Health & Sustainable Performance

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My Specialties

human chiropractic care

Human physiotherapy treatments

equine chiropractic care

canine chiropractic care

If the goal is to move as one in the saddle, then it's time you and your equine partner get the treatments you deserve.

I'm Dr. Ashley Monell.

My passion for chiropractic work began after feeling the undeniable benefits this modality had on myself and my mare. Once considered a bit of a 'problem horse', over the course of our chiropractic treatments, we discovered that our bodies were simply misaligned. This misalignment caused pain points in my horse that triggered uncharacteristic behaviors. 

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Knowledge is Power

Besides improving the quality of life for my patients, my overarching goal is to pinpoint the root cause of their horses' attitude or poor performance. I want to empower my clients with education so that pain and discomfort are not overlooked as the cause of many behavioral issues. 

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education & certifications

Options for Animals

Life University

B.S. Exercise Science,
Auburn University

Rock Tape Certification

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatments

Increased immunity health

Mood enhancement 

Nervous system balance

Increased performance

decreased pain

"I left Dr. Monell's office with more mobility and almost brought to tears by how much pain I wasn't in any longer."

"I came to Dr. Monell late in my pregnancy. I was skeptical about what could be done to my body to make me feel better at 9 months pregnant. Dr. Monell took her time and explained every process that she went through and how it was affecting me and my unborn baby. I had so much relief once I finally stood back from the table. She was so gentle and knowledgeable."

- Hanna

"Ashley is AMAZING and did a wonderful adjustment on my young pony hunter prospect!"

"Her neck was so much more relaxed, her movement more fluid, and she was so much easier to ride to the fences! Definitely have Ashley come adjust your horses!!"

- stephanie

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