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ImmuBiome Products 
All ImmuBiome formulas are designed to help support gut maintenance, coat, immune system and overall health. This product is packed with high quality ingredients and contains no synthetic products or sugars. 
If interested, contact Dr. Ashley for recommendations and deals. 

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Full Service Session

Full service sessions include adjustments for one horse and a 15 minute BEMER session. Every session is a little different as the needs can change as we progress through care, but each visit will be catered to your specific needs

starting at $140/session

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sessions may also include:
- Kt taping
         - Muscle scraping
 - Stretches
- Exercises

Sessions for just the BEMER blanket may be booked for $45 upon request. 

Equine Sessions

Improve your horse's performance, longevity, and overall health. 

starting at $120/horse

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sessions May also includ:   

- KT Taping
- Muscle scraping
- Hypervolt
- Stretches
- Bemer Blanket

Rider Sessions

Proper alignment leads to improved rider biomechanics so you can be a better partner to your horse. 

starting at $50/rider

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 - KT Taping
 - muscle scraping
 - Stretches
 - exercises
 - trigger point

Canine Sessions

Help your dog feel their best and improve their mobility. 

starting at $50/canine

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- kT taping
- Hypervolt
- Stretches

Let's Talk About The Client Process...

Scheduling & New Client Paperwork

First, contact me via phone or email to schedule and book your visit. After booking, complete the New Patient Intake forms. If your horse or dog is being treated for the first time, you must print the Online Referral Form and have it signed by your primary care vet.

The initial session will typically take about 30-45 minutes, while follow up sessions are about 20-30 minutes. All new patient appointments have a fee of $15 due to the extra time it takes to review the health history and answer any questions

Your First Session

Occasionally, I may recommend x-rays or refer you or your pet to another medical professional so we can work together as a team to help you and your animal feel your best. Follow ups can be scheduled on an as-needed basis, and I typically give clients exercises to perform between sessions.

Follow Up Sessions

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