Hey, Y'all! I'm Dr. Ashley Monell.

I'm here to help you and your equine partner achieve optimal health and quality performance.

Harmony was started with the goal of giving back to the community of riders I grew up with. Seeing first hand how hard equestrians work, I know how badly we need good care.

I’m currently located in South Carolina, but frequently travel back to my home state of Wisconsin.

meet the doc

From One Equestrian to Another

Im here to tell you, that your poor alignments can affect the way your horse is performing.

In my early years as a rider, I did not get adjustments often. Not because I didn’t want what was best for me or my horse, but because no one ever explained to me how chiropractic worked and what the longterm benefits could be. 

"I want to see animals live a longer, healthier, and happier life with no pain and be able to function at their full potential."

Horses Have Shaped My Career

I grew up as a 3 Day Eventer and played around in the hunter jumper ring before really falling in love with Dressage. I started my riding career with a young German Riding Pony named Mercedes. Once I started college we bred her to a handsome hanoverian, and now have a handsome young gelding named Bentley who is quickly following in her footsteps.

The other handsome boy with me is Koda. Our young rescue pup who is always keeping us entertained and laughing.

The Road to Starting Harmony Chiropractic

I started my education heading down the path to become a PT while at Auburn University in Alabama. After two years of working in a PT clinic, I realized I could do more for people and quickly found chiropractic to be my passion. From there I added an extra 210+ hours of training to become certified in animal chiropractic through Options for Animals in Kansas.

I’m honored to have a bachelors in Exercise Science from Auburn University, a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University and a certificate in Animal Chiropractic from Options For Animals.

You Have Questions, I've Got Answers

do you work with veterinarians?

Yes I do. In the state of SC I need a veterinary referral to work on any and all animals. It is my belief that animals do best when they stay under the care of their vets while getting chiropractic adjustments. 

can i get adjusted if my animal is not?

Absolutely! I treat people of all ages while I'm on the road to help animals. 

What kind of training did Dr. Monell do?

I have a 4 year bachelors degree in Exercise Science and a 4 year Doctorate degree in human chiropractic, with special training in animal chiropractic. I have spent an additional 210+ hours studying animal anatomy, physiology, pathology and biomechanics. This was completed in a 5-module series that each lasted 5 days, across 5 months. 

Why should I use someone who is certified?

In SC it is required that anyone performing animal chiropractic is properly trained and has been approved by a vet. It is also very important that we give animals the best quality of care, as they can’t tell you when something is not right.

How often should my animal get adjusted?

This all depends on the condition of your animal and how active their lifestyle is. 

If I am a rider with no pain, do I really need to be adjusted too?

Absolutely! Pain is the last to show up when there is dysfunction in the body. Just because we don’t feel pain, doesn’t mean we are not twisted in the hips or riding with poor biomechanics. 

what type of service are you looking for?

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Ashley Monell

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